Signature Portfolio

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My Rock Garden - Sea Stacks, N Newport OR

Grand Master - Thomas Jefferson's Garden, Monticello, Charlottesville VA

Harbinger - Shaker Storm, Shaker Village, Canterbury NH

Peggy's Cove 1 - Nova Scotia, Canada

Peggy's Cove 4 - Nova Scotia, Canada

Peggy's Cove 2, Nova Scotia, Canada

Something Missing - Creston BC Canada

Change Entering - The Badlands NP SD bw

Evening Soft Approach - The Badlands NP SD

The Coming Storm - Union Station, Nashville TN

Welcomed Intruder - Cedar Room, Shaker Village, Canterbury NH

The Day's Last Chore - Bathroom, Shaker Village, South Union KY

The Land Of Granite - Yosemite NP CA

The Message - Skaneateles Village Church NY

Adobe Home 1 - Taos Pueblo, Taos NM

Canyon Glow - South Central Utah

Still - Craters of the Moon NP ID bw

Sailing Into The Storm - Courthouse Towers, Arches NP UT

Something Pretty - Taos Pueblo, Taos NM

Song Moods - Eldee Devon Young, Jazz Trio, Bangkok, Thailand pano version

Twilight Day's End - Pleasant Bay, Nova Scotia, Canada

Plain Rays - The Badlands NP SD bw

Living Trophy - Bull Elk, Yellowstone NP WY

Ladder 5 - Taos Pueblo, Taos NM

Morning Barn - Peru WI

Patriotic Barn - Cams Prairie, Lewiston ID

Mustang Ladies Club - Wild Horses, Theodore Roosevelt NP ND

Empty Corrals - Northeastern WY

Antelope Canyon 4, Upper Section AZ

The Last Burst Of Color 1 - Cape Breton Highlands, Nova Scotia, Canada

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