Round About Way - Antelope Canyon-Upper,





Timothy Princehorn's Fine Art Photography has learned that most of his favorite locations were not the ones that he intended nor planned.  Timothy has found many of his images on the way to point A then to point B. He's seen them on backroads and off the beaten paths. He has gotten lost many times, which he cherished. Paths through woods and deserts. Trails among mountains. Treks down quiet roads that seem to have no end and sometimes get wonderfully lost. This hunt mostly of America has been the best part of discovering a new subject that many don't ever see nor feel. 
He brings an art director's point of view in developing his photography skills. He has learned how to compose through the camera lens.  By being a creative director and an art director, it's those skills that allow him to acquire impactful images.  He believes that the "art of vision is listening with your eyes." He's talking about REALLY listening to what the subject has to say, always asking, "What made me stop and look, to begin with?" Thus, he has devoted the past many years to learning and honing the craft of offering impactful Fine Art Photography.  You are invited to take a look and see for yourself.

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