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Round About Way - Antelope Canyon-Upper,





Timothy Princehorn Fine Art Photography has taken him down many and various paths. Paths through woods and seashores. Paths through gardens and down quiet roads that seem to have no end. Sometimes with friends, old and new, but primarily by himself, to search for and capture what many walks past and often unnoticed. He is as comfortable with his camera as his favorite walking stick.


Timothy's low-key character and patience help put people at ease so that he can capture the total expression that makes them who they are. He also uses this approach to grab unique and poignant moments in wildlife and nature. 


He has spent over 45 years as an art director, graphic designer, and creative director, learning to compose through the lens of working for Ericson Communications for 23 years, then working for his own business for another 15 years. He brings an art director's point of view while helping to make the shot as thought-provoking as possible. For the last 15 + years, he has tried to learn the mechanics of his camera equipment, thanks to friendships and mentors and the help of professional photographers who became treasured mentors and friends. He had passed on what he had learned from them to a younger generation by teaching photography and digital skills at the O'More College of Design in Franklin, Tennessee. 


"As a past ad agency guy, I have been an art and creative director, and the one thing I could always count on was a photographer bringing more to the photo than I could see in my mind. I try to do the same in everything I photograph, offering a different perspective on what people expect, and I think there lies the plum."


Enjoy the visit to his website I think you will find that the good experience has already started. 


All Images Copyright Princehorn Creative. All Rights Reserved 2024

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