Photography has taken me down many paths.  Paths through woods and deserts. Trails among mountains.  And paths down quiet roads that seem to have no end.  All in a constant quest to capture what many would walk past unnoticed.  Thankfully, I’m as comfortable with my camera as I am with my favorite walking stick.


When photographing people, I use my low-key character, humor, and patience to help put them at ease, allowing me to capture the total expression that makes them who they are.  I also use this same approach of patience to capture hopefully unique and poignant moments in wildlife and nature.


After spending a little over 45 years as an art director, graphic designer, and creative director learning how to look through the lens from an art director’s point of view, it was time to develop my own photography skills.  I believe that the art of vision is listening with your eyes. I'm talking about REALLY listening to what the subject has to say.  What made you stop and look the begin with.  Thus, I have devoted the past 15+ years to learning and honing the craft, thanks to the help of professionals and friends who became valuable mentors. Presently, I pass this knowledge on to a younger generation by sharing photography and digital skills. I was taught to pass on what others gave to me, to extend the circle of art. 


In short, it is through my photography that I endeavor to expose a different perspective of my world.  I sweat the little stuff.  Therein, hopefully, lies the plum.

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