Timothy Princehorn has had a long and productive career creating effective, an award-winning advertising and graphic design. He began that career as an art director in Canton, Ohio. In 1976, he migrated to Nashville to work at the highly acclaimed and respected Ericson Marketing Communications where he eventually became senior vice president of creative. Then, in 1998, he started his own successful creative communications business.


For the last 15 years, he has expanded his creative vision by entering the realm of fine art photography, blending it seamlessly with his expert sense of graphic design and his penchant for storytelling to applying his talents solely to photography. Timothy has taken stunning shots from Tennessee to Thailand, and places in between. His photography has appeared at Cheekwood in Nashville, Artclectic at University School of Nashville, the 12 X 12 Show at Middle Tennessee State University, and Les Arts at O'More College of Design where he won the Purchase Award. 


He has instructed advertising and photography classes at O'More College of Design Franklin, Tennessee. Presently, they are now a part and located at Belmont University.


Timothy has used his graphic design and photography skills in developing high end “coffee table” books. Here, using both disciplines allows him to produce beautiful and meaningful books.



A Personal Note of Thanks–


“First and foremost I wish to thank the following people: David Bailey, Mike Borum, Mark Boughton, Richard Collier, Michael Dean, Claude Peschel Dutombe, John Guider, James Haefner, Robin Hood, Ted Horowitz, Gary Layda, Bill Lokey, David Llewellyn, Tom McCarthy, Tim Olive, Norm Parker, Raymond Princehorn, Mike Rutherford, Bob Schatz, John Walker and Charley Westerman.


During my professional years as an art director, I worked with these extremely talented professional photographers. I think of them often and try to follow through with what I have learned from them. The only one that wasn’t a professional was my father, Raymond Princehorn. In the basement of our home when I was seven years old, he introduced me to the smells of photo developer and hypo - as well as the love of capturing a moment in time - by giving me a Brownie Holiday Camera. That very camera has a prominent place in my studio today.


Thank you, Dad.  Thank you, guys.  I value your friendship and hope I make you proud.”



                                                                                          –Timothy Princehorn







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